New curve type for blender

hello Friends
Blender curve tools has limited line type.
Therefore , it requires more alternative on the line type for users such as architects or industrial designers or 3d modeler .
i create prototype for line type whats your idea about this


an other line type
like poly line
bezier line types like control point and bezier line type

skech line

and other like circle and rectangle polygon helix
cam make blender more powerful and Applied for engineer user

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You are asking for better features accesability or You are not aware their existance?

  1. Polyline

    Handle type: Vector (with Type: Bezier)

    Spline Type: Poly

  2. Through

    Handles: Automatic with Handles visivility:off

  3. Nurbs

    Curve Type Nurbs (with Endpoint U)

  4. Sketch

    Draw tool

Sshots are in 2.80, but in 2.7x it works the same.

Don’t forget about addons:

Even in 2.80 there are already build in addons.


i mean drawing line like rhino or autocad
draw circle with 3 point or tangent
Draw line in Blender is Complicated
it does not have good face it has very old
you want draw straight line you must draw first curve
you want draw sketch line you must go to edit mode
it is Confusing


I was thinking just a few days ago that the management of the lines and curves should be unified and not to have curves, nurbs and surfaces etc as separate type of objects … it would be more advisable to have a visual management mode switch of them for the same type of object … a bit like the subdivision surfaces modifier…

the management of the curves, surfaces and nurbs is very poor in blender … from what I remember, it has remained the same in 20 years …
this is because CAD modeling was mostly ignored …
yet there would be a lot of potential here …
because the management of the mesh has reached a very high standar potential … and in the end, it would be enough to create visual interaction tools that would manage the “nurbs” and the “surfaces” only at the level of visual interaction … and everything else that it was processed as mesh in the background …

in cad modeling need less tools, with less interaction with polygons and vertices is needed … they are mainly Boolean and trimming operations in addition to some beveling function …
the only thing really necessary is that the modeling story is not lost "
in short, the cad modeling is composed of a non-distortive modeling …
what in blender is missing…

I think it would take little to upgrade this compartment, with a good base of visual manipulators tools …
just like they do Moi 3d or rhino slyly …

in Blender, in the interaction between surfaces, there are no basic tools of Boolean operations and more … that could have been implemented with little …
while the Booleans work with the meshes also with the subdivision surfaces …


yes great !!! its more better like this like Rhino …

Really great for modeling i think it is required for modeling best in Blender …

You mean like MoI 3D, looking at your screenshots. :wink:

I agree, more native curve types and procedural shape types would be very useful in the standard Blender arsenal.

2D curve Booleans would also be great. You can vote for that here.