New Blue Noise Dithering paper from 2019, it looks pretty interesting!

Hi there.

Regarding Blue Noise Dithering @LordOdin just found a paper dated in 2019 and it looks pretty amazing, it could accelerate rendering quite a lot, our current implementation already helps, but this could make a big difference in render times I think, here is the paper, I will mention the main people involved in cycles I know about to know what you think, @brecht @lukasstockner97 @StefanW

EDIT: Fixed the link


Link, to your own post a different forum where you link the slides that talk about the paper,riiiight… i’ll save everyone a few clicks and link it directly




No no, in the other forum I show to David (the LuxCore developer) the current implementation of Blue Noise Dithering, the same that we have right now as a patch for cycles, the one from Lukas Stockner :slight_smile: the paper I mention here is a new one, a different implementation.

However I posted the same link to this new paper in the other forum too, yep :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry, I understand now… LOL! I wanted to post the link to the slides… not to the forum!!! hahaha fixing it :slight_smile:


The interesting bit to keep in mind starts on page 57 I think. This is where they talk about the theory vs. their actual implementation.

I want to say that all the pretty pictures they used in the first few slides were their theory, and not the result of the actual implementation that they suggest. This sours things a bit.

That said, their conclusion on page 56 still stands.