New Animation Scale Adjustment is horrible

I humble request that a way to reset Animation Tracks be created. Presently it is now using ‘percent’, or something similar. Why cant it be a ‘end’ key frame entry as it was before? Making it a percentage makes it terribly difficult for dialing in precisely, which would be a End key frame, (as it was before).

Previously we could scale a Animation Track by simply putting in the KF (KeyFrame) entry number in the Frame End slot. But now, its been changed to Playback Scale. It used to automatically change the frame track from one that is say 2000 frames, to 100 frames and all points were exactly brought in on the track. Now, it ‘slices’ which seems wrong. Adjusting the end frame now breaks or damages an animation track.

And secondly, concerning this, try calculating the scale that is at 2400 KF’s and change that to 100 KF’s. On mine, I found out by opening the scene in Blender 3.2, making the changes to the animation tracks, then bringing it back to Blender 3.3 and seeing that it had a 0.041 or 0.04 scale change.

If you wish to keep it, perhaps we could ‘include’ a version of adjustment where we can change the scale of the Animation Track with a End key frame number? This would help immensely.

Thank you team for all your hard work and making Blender the worlds best 3D design engine. God bless you.