Negative values for the Breakdowner Tool (+ Possible bug?)

If this is the wrong place for this, please direct me to the correct forum. This is the only place I’ve found to give feedback that seems active.

I’ve recently discovered the Breakdowner tool and I love it. It’s incredibly helpful for making quick tweens and overshoots while animating, and along with Auto IK, it’s made animation super fast.

However, I’ve noticed that while it can overshoot past 100%, you can’t do “windups” by going below 0%. If you could do this, I think this would make the tool absolutely perfect and take so much of the tediousness out of animation.

I’ve actually noticed while experimenting that the tool appears to be bugged, in that your cursor doesn’t screen-wrap while using it, making it impossible to scrub beyond a certain value, or below 0%. If I move the Blender window to the right and move beyond its boundaries, I actually can go below 0%, which doesn’t seem to be officially supported, as manually typing in negative values simply clamps it to 0% again.

Again, please let me know if this should be posted elsewhere.