N panel lagging when 'userprefs' and 'startup file' are in the config folder

So I have customized my userprefs and startup file, and my N panel is lagging when opening / closing with the shortcut. It opens half way and I have to click in the viewport to open it fully. Same for closing, but then the XYZ axis and the side buttons don’t come back, but stay where they were in the UI while opened.

Notice how I have to click in the viewport to complete the opening or the closing.

I tried removing them from the Config folder, so Blender 2.80 (official release) gets back to its factory state and the N panel works fine (no lagging, the XYZ axis comes back just fine).
So the culprits are clearly these files. I tried removing one and leaving the other, to see which one caused that, but it seems that no matter which one, if any of them is present in the config folder, I get that problem. I don’t believe these files are corrupted or anything…

Anyone has the same problem?
Any idea why that is happening?