My pc doesn't work anymore

So i was using blender 2.8 for the first time, all was normal until i closed the program then it started.
It started with one bsod (blue screen of death), i thought it was normal until it happened again and again. Now i can’t use my only pc.
I would love a fix.

blender does not require instalation, 2.8 its portable version only, so nothing in your registry should been changed by blender.
Try googling the code and error in the blue screen, that maybe give you (and eveyone else) a hint of what could be happening.

Blender doesn’t change anything in your system so it’s highly unlikely that it is the cause of bsod’s.
Bsod can indicate that there are some hardware issues:

  • Some issues with drivers
  • Hard drive or RAM is dying
  • Graphic card issues

As suggested by @NahuelBelich try googling for the error code if that dose not help.
Test your hard drive(chkdsk) for bad sectors and ram(memtest).

I also had a blue screen once while using blender, but It was my GPU which was dying, not blender causing a problem.