Multires development information for users

Multires as you know, do not have Sculpt ‘steps’ in 2.81-2.81 a.
But in the ‘Blender 2.81 Reference Manual’, Sculpt ‘steps’ is described, in text and image.
It’s wrong and should be changed.

No public information can bee found about plans, problems, and why, for the users.
(Except for Pablo Vazquez who mentioned the problems with Multires in a section of ‘Blender Today’)

Better information is desired, and not just information about what glimmers.

Did you check this:

No, this is new for me. Thanks for the link. :fu:

Information about this should be mentioned on ‘Blender Releases Notes’.
(2.81 —

Another thing that just “disappeared” is “filmic” from 2.79, and was replaced with Sobotka’s “filmic”.
Which is good, but ………

What will happen to ‘filmic’ from 2.79 ', are there plans to reintroduce it in another form, but in the absence of resources ………., Or it is forever dead.

When the Blender team ’kill features’ ordinary users should get the information ’in their face’, not just users who read development blogs or forum.

Blender’s future is uncertain for me, since 2.80, important features just disappear.