Multiple addons with the same name found!

@BrendonMurphy ,

I like the job you’re doing and many thanks for that but since the recent addon’s folder reorganization I have this problem sometimes when I update Blender with the latest builds.

I use only portable version and I update to the last version by copy/overwrite the new content to the current installation folder.
I don’t know if it’s the right way to do but I was always doing it like that from the past with no problem. It prevents me to configure all my preferences again each time a new build is up.

That’s very annoying and I wonder if there would be an other way to avoid these conflicts ?

Go into the addons folder in the daily build you unzipped, and delete the duplicate addon.

Not a good way, In this case I will not have the lastest version of addons. For example In the last update I made I had to delete the “curve tools” in the “Addons contrib” folder because the latest version was in “Addons”

hi, everything is stable now. You can delete the contents of addons contrib and overwrite that if you need to or simply delete the Curve Tools in Contrib as it is now in release. The best option is to start again across the board. The concept of copy paste the entire install over a previous “install/unpack zip” is fraught with many dangers and not just addons. You can induce many errors depending on what has changed in Blender.
I wonder also if you still have all the broken and removed addons in your contrib folder?