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Multi 'Select by Material' ability

Now that Substance is in a ‘workflow’ beside/with Blender, I keep finding myself needing to select parts via ‘Select by Material’ except that I need 5 to 8 different Material groups of parts (parts associated with a material group X8 ). The reason is, parts are exported via FBX to get repainted (when updated/refined) and sent to Substance for graphics updates/painting. Then the PNG’s are sent back to Blender.

But… Blender can only do one ‘Select by Material’. When you are having to hand pick the many parts, you sometimes miss some and have to re-export the scene sometimes several times because you didnt get them all.

So… My humble thoughts are, what if… we could ‘Select by Material’ and select ‘multiple’ material groups of parts. So say 7 materials, and all parts that use those materials in the scene.

What do you think?

I was trying to think how that might be done. Perhaps holding ‘Shift’ when clicking ‘Select by Material’ so that it goes into multi-material-selection-mode or a secondary selection string (UI selection) that would say something like Select by Materials with on s on the end. Or what if you could hold down Shift and click on multiple material names in the ‘Select by Material’ listing?

Just a humble idea. I know I could use this, lol… Oh man. Forgetting little parts in a huge list and doing the 5+ minute long FBX export, over and over. Not fun. This would help out a bit.

Bill Ortis
Lionheart Creations