Movie editor's Suggestion.

Movie editor doesn’t fit my workflow.
If you clip a 3D scene in blender, you will not see the rendered result.
The files rendered by Blender will be re-colored by Leonardo da Vinci or premiere.

There are a lot of sequences in the movie editor, and I want them to output to different folders.
Click the render button to render the selected sequence instead of rendering the entire timeline as one.
If the rendered sequence is moved or cut, the Blender Movie Editor plays the rendered sequence.

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If you use Blender editing, how do you work?

  1. First write a script for batch rendering of 3D scenes, rendering 3D scenes from dozens of different files to different folders.
  2. Just like using Premiere, drag the rendered sequence into it.

This is no different from other editing software, but now it’s the only way to easily modify a scene without having to re-render the whole scene.