Motion Adaptive Shading for Depth of Field and Motion Blur

Guys, i have an idea.
Could there be a way to shoot way fever rays for out of focus objects and motion blurred ones ?
And also this could be done with a setting.
The same goes for micro displacement.
Any ideas ? I believe it would speed up things additionally.

This is what adaptive sampling is for already. And out of focus objects are not less noisy in general, the opposite is often true.

I mean something different. Somehow to shoot less rays and average/interpolate them across pixels. Adaptive sampling shoots after looking at the pixel result to refine the noisier pixels. What i mean would imply the rays themselves based on first hit distance to camera, then it would average across pixels and/or clamp selectively that pixel by a DoF/Motion blur coefficient. In such a case, the adaptive sampling would again have less work to do.

Denoising does that to some extent, and there exist various other algorithms that have some similarities to what you describe. But it’s not really useful to discuss this if it’s only a vague idea, since it’s not adding new information to what exists in rendering research papers that developers are aware of.

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