More space in the viewport and need of more consistency

we need to make every thing that is needs to be on the windows with the viewport those things should be changed in to drop downs and pop ups rather than different layouts. like making a dropdown with pinning for properties layout,outline layout,uv editor layout,node editor layout,and timeline and we should add few more render engines like a photorealistic rederer for ‘CPU’ and a smple shader renderer, more productivity with outliner and a few more manual detailers as nowadays procedural stuff can be spotted out of the render so some more manual brushes are needed and a user attracting update that is blender own photo editor like photo shop or something like gimp, this not only increase blender’s users and also will get us more fields of better significant updates to which more users can get attracted and the last but not the least that is a better layer management system. thank you i will be sharing more ideas that will be relevant to add.




The ability to create “smart” procedural materials in Blender is limited only by your imagination. They are a great way to avoid that “Substance Painter” look.

Okay, actually i am not that frequent to procedural stuff but when i see the renders of other people i can easily spot them so i thought that i should place it there but if you have a way where you hide the pattern of procedural work then it is great to have it.

here is a small visual of the above idea, this is just a concept to blender ui, i really don’t know that will it be that comfortable and convenient for users, so if you think that it is good then give a like or if any improvement should be there then please let me know

it is a visual concept


Personally, I don’t like that idea.

Two major problems:

1.- Where are the outliner or other editors there?

2.- What happens with the N panel?

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If you need more space press shift+space and learn the hotkeys.

Blender is not viewport centric.

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Aaum, actually i only have created it for the properties windows ,i need to create the whole thing ,this is just a small part of it i am working to make it better with my team and soon i will fix the issues with this idea and thank you for reminding me with the properties panel(said by u in short as n panel) i will take care of it, thank you for your advice

but it should be more goal oriented as Andrew price said, actually i follow the research done by him and i made it like this, it may be seeming not that good but we have tried it using like this and it was very much user friendly.

thats something that only makes sense on apps for small tablets, not on desktop applications imo
maybe as an option buried very deep in the preferences for those people on very small screens :v:

The proposal of andrew price was horrible, literally, it was not to understand the operation of blender, its main virtues and turn it practically into a constant wizard. Besides the fact that all these proposals of gigantic changes are utopia, is not wanting to understand the power of the different areas of blender. No other program comes close except Modo. The areas make sense in their actual form, not as windows or popups.

I seem to remember that there are already addons that duplicate the property editor as a popup and I don’t remember anyone using it because it’s not really particularly useful. But we can see other programs that use this solution (Painter for example) and they are horrible to use. Very nice to look at but impractical.

Besides, as I say, the problem of this conception is to think that the work of blender is done in the viewport and everything is an addition to it. It is a mistake to think this way but normal when one comes from another program. But blender does not depend on the viewport, you can have layouts where the viewport does not appear, where it is a minimal part of the screen…

And please, I know a lot of people have BlenderGuru in high esteem, me included, but keep in mind that he is not a UI designer nor an expert of CGI.
He is before all a self-taught who learned a lot of stuff and redistributes this knowledge for free. Which is really cool, that’s an awesome thing, but should not be treated as if every word he says is gospel. In fact, no-ones’s words should be treated like that, even if the VFX Supervisor at some major studio like ILM said something, that should not be an argument on itself.


Image textures, by their nature, are always going to repeat on a large enough area. Procedural textures avoid this.

Consider the humble Voronoi node: if you set the Randomness value down to something small but not quite zero, you will get a pattern that nearly repeats, but not quite.

it seems that blender is all good with the original ui so we don’t need to think about it.

I don’t know weather you dislike him or not but you should agree that the layer system in blender is the worst compared to other application

marketing techniques will grow with my proposal we will get more user if they release an android lite version of blender :grinning: :grinning:


what layer system? didn’t know blender had one

blender for android would be great, BUT aint gonna happen

the who is Andrew price
you can have different spaces for your mesh in different layers it is like collections but collections are on the same layer but when you make a new layer you can work in a clean view being in the same scene if you want to know more you could reach out your browser and get it, though if you use photo shop or light wave you may relate it

even i am not a designer so mistakes are more prone to me

oh unfortunately i know nothing about him. so im neutral here

ah sure. i was thinking about texturing layers :wink:

It is a very good idea…

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