Modifiers for collections

Since Blender 2.8 replaced layers with collections which is awesome, I suggest that an option to add a modifier to an entire collection should be added. I personally work with low-poly models only to keep my work as easy as possible. So in general, all of my objects have subdivision modifiers on them.

It would be much easier to use one modifier on an entire collection rather than picking every object and if you want to change something you have to go through all of your objects everytime.


It’s not really what you’re asking, but you could always change multi-object attributes. Just hold alt and tweak what you need, it will be updated on every object you’ve selected. It should work for everything in this menu.

And for modifiers as well (but only on top one if you have the same modifier twice in your stack). You will get bluish color when you do multi-object editing.
Sadly you can’t add modifiers holding alt (subD modifier you can add to every object just by pressing ctrl+number of subdivisions and you can tweak it this way as well), but there is workaround, you can use build in “copy attributes menu” addon. It will allow you to add modifier to one object and then copy it to every selected object from the active one.
But i agree we have some problems related to multi-object editing. For example “UV map” , now in 2.8 we can do multi-object unwrap but option to create new UV map for every selected object is not the obvious one. And if you need to go back to the first UV map and change something for every object you would have to go through each of them and change your active UV map to the one you need. (at least i don’t know any other way.)

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On the right-click select website there are several proposals for that. One of them has an “in development” status. (
Would be very interesting to know how the current plans for that look like or when we can expect to see it in blender.