Modifiers: batch operation and animated modifiers to mesh

I have recently worked on a project where I wanted to export an animation as fbx to Unity. Part of the animation were animated Arrays and as I tried to export them I faced two problems:

1.- Animated arrays can’t be exported as an animation in fbx format (only as alembic, but alembic doesn’t support textures).

2.- As I applyed the array modifier and animated the array elements separately, I wanted to use the Decimate modifier on all the selected objects. But that is sadly not possible at the moment, so I had to apply the modifyer one by one on all the objects.

My point is: it would be very nice if modifiers could be applyed on multiple selected objects at once, and turned into mesh even when animated.

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Welcome to the forum @Imre !

A “Batch” mode to apply modifiers would be a nice addition to Blender, particularly if one has many objects. Batch processing is common in many software products I have used, but I think you should also have a confirmation step for batch mode and an undo routine if you do something that you later regret.

Cheers, Clock.