Modifier Groups

Good day dear Devs and Blender fans,
Thank you for the recent 2.82 update! Already up and running smoothly and I really enjoy it so far.
Here is a suggestion for an improvement, which I think would benefit many modelers and artists out there. I am not a developer, so I can not estimate
if this is even possible, but please bear with me.
My modeling process often involves multiple boolean operators. Like, a lot. And sometimes I need to
quickly switch them on and of all at once. This can be very time consuming with 10, 20 or 50 modifiers,
and I often can’t join the boolean object into one.

Is it in any way possible, planned, or otherwise feasible to get groupable modifiers?


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There are addons that simplify the use of booleans, in particular I use heavypoly scripts, but they drastically modify the use of blender, so you should disable in the config python file all those shortcuts that make blender too different , and keepthe useful ones, such as the quick booleans menu.

Unfortunately using this addon, I don’t know the use of other simpler and more immediate addons.

The link of the download of the addon is in the description of the video on youtube.