MMB — click to center frame on pointer selection and drag to orbite viewport

  • MMB drag — drag to orbit rotate the viewport
    It is more helpful and very timesaving if the
  • MMB click.centre view to point mouse selection
    Actually, if the middle mouse button is pressed fast without moving the mouse it does nothing.

Suggestion: I’m asking all the 3D softer house developer to unify the interface. Using the MMB to centre view to point is a very good feature when we are inspecting the object. Consider trying this feature option as default before rejecting it.

SpeedTree and Unity software are using the method as well as other


First, in preference, you can setup the MMB to orbit in the viewport bu using click and drag option in this way:

Second, configure the “Center View to Mouse” by clicking MMB.
For Unity software, Speedtree users and Standard Industry I suggest this “Click” option
As optional you can try Double Click or Press

[Please click and open this image and then scroll down to look the setup]