Missing important shortcuts

I dont know why developers decided to remove certain shortcuts, it might cost some serious workflow disabling, the fact that they are so hard to add back without loading the 2.7x keymap deserve some attention.

The main complaint I have this time is from riggers which already have a hard time with messed workflow.
Add Constraint (with Targets) menu is too important for rigging to not have a shortcut, it saves 90% of the time and patience while setting up constraints on complex rigs.
It is meant to be a menu called from a shortcut by design, leaving it without, makes it useless.

@billrey, What to you think? Why got it removed?

This is part of the ‘minimal keymap’ effort, which has been a goal for 2.8 from the beginning. The keyboard was overloaded, making it hard to add your own shortcuts.

It is still hard to add our own shortcuts.
And some basic shortcuts should never be removed, its like removing the add-menu or select-all.

Imagine the following situation.

  • A newbie user is getting into rigging.
  • He doesn’t know about the existence of a hidden menu
  • Therefore he never adds a shortcut for it…
  • This makes the user give up since rigging is so boring and tedious without this simple menu.

And also I would like to remember that time when tab got removed as shortcut for toggling edit mode and that other time when Shift + R (Repeat last action) got removed as part of the minimal keymap design.

Hey, just to chip in. I think that blender’s main strength was the ability to work damn fast with hotkeys. And when I mean damn fast, I just honestly, and really mean it. Now that in 2.8 I have to do extra things instead of one (example, period for 3Dcursor pivot in 2.79, VS period AND a gesture in 2.8) slows down my workflow. Frustrating. I know some people were fed up because of the wonky ctrl+alt+shift+whatever keybindings that certain functions had, but damn, if you use those a lot, like 20 times in a session, it is totally WORTH it. You even smile while pressing that funky combo. The minimal keymap favors somethng that I think is overrated: customization to the extreme. I mean if someone wants that they’ll do it whether the original keymap is overloaded or not, some people just want to be custom AF. Now I agree with Jean here, a rigger needs this a hundred times a day. But until 2.8 isn’t as fast to work with as 2.79 there will be quite a lot of noise about favouring a concept instead of an already solid, working model (that can be ditched and rebuilt any time anyways). I’m not that old, and don’t like to complain at all, but speed and efficiency are both crucial. The viewport is amazing though amongst other things to say something positve as well. God bless all that work on this. I’ll probably get over this soon. Whew.

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So, if you have a specific command that you use 20 times per session, you could either add it to the Quick Favourites menu (Q key) or you can bind a nicer, quicker shortcut to it.

This is nicer than having to hold Ctrl-Alt-Shift-blank to to some of the more esoteric things.

There’s also the contextual menu (right click) which provides the most used commands in a contextual fashion.

It would be fine if the input editing be nicer, but currently its a mess, Quick favorites seems more like a bandaid fix for the lack of consistency from my point of view.

Context sensitive menus are good for solving some of these issues but in its current state they lack readability.

In some cases, like “Add Constraints with target” its more to the order of hundreds for a rig made from scratch since each bone is gonna have roughly ten to five constraints.
By not considering that we don’t make mistakes and have to Ctrl + Z

If you dont believe me, try to make a simple rig from scratch to see…