Missing Feature: Turning Particle Systems On & Off

Correct me if im wrong [and i really hope you do], but there seems to be no way to keyframe the emission particle system. There is no way to turn it on and off. For some reason you cannot even keyframe the number of particles emitted.

For example, what if i want a gun to shoot twice in my scene? Do i seriously need to create multiple particle system within my scene for the exact same smoke effect?

How can such a basic feature be missing? I am shocked.
Again, please correct me if im wrong. This cant be it.

If, on the other side, i am correct, then i kindly ask the Blender Devs to add this feature to the program.

that is a limitation of the particle system in blender, its going to probably be tackle when particles are added to geometry nodes, but at the moment you can imagine the particle system as a system that creates all the particles required in the entire simulation at the beginning and then turning on and off this particle between the start frame and end frame (this are called unborn live or dead particles), if you want to shoot a gun twice you need to add a new particle system or keep constantly emiting particles and use shaders to show or hide the smoke or some hack like that.
Im not a developer but the reason behind why a such critical feature its missing its because the entire particle system needs an overhaul, over the years there where several tries to do that and none of those was successful probably because the lack of resources for such a complex task at that time.

Particle system need a complete rewrite based on new node tree or Geometry nodes, don’t worry when he start the project is probably solved