Missing Feature: No metallic baking

Being a game developer, I was thrilled when full PBR support was announced for Blender many months ago. The other day I finally tried to bake and export a set of PBR textures for use in Unity, and with great confusion I noticed this:

I can’t tell if this is a bug or a careless mistake, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for metallic baking here. Surely this isn’t hard to fix. The necessary data should be all there. I just want to direct your attention to this in case you’re not already aware of it. Please, complete Blender’s basic PBR-related features soon. Thank you!


not only metallic, the way that glossy and diffuse/albedo needs to be adjusted to support at least the met rough or espec smooth workflow, and normal with or without binormals, probably its a wip because i didn’t see any change in the bake system in a long time and there is a ton of work to stabilized the beta, A quick example of work to do, Cycles can`t bake displacement at the moment.
Maybe if people from godot come into the blender development they can add the most relevant point from a game artists perspective.

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This would be very benifitial!


I need this feature for producing orm textures

in my case (selected (hipoly) to active (lowpoly)) ; i only need metallic values of the many hipoly shaders to be merged in one texture.

no lights, only the values


Blender is currently also missing a method for beking heightmaps from projection meshes. So far it only works from a Multires deformer. :neutral_face:

I hope with Unity and Embark on board there are going to be some improvements in this field. Until then there’s still Substance or Marmoset. Or xNormal but I fully admit that I haven’t touched that App in years XD