Missing BVH8

Could we have BVH8 back? My workloads are running roughly 6 times slower with BVH_LAYOUT_EMBREE compared to BVH_LAYOUT_BVH8.

I tried to revert b2f6addc, but so far I haven’t managed to make BVH8 work :frowning:

We’re unlikely to add BVH8 back, we don’t want to main two CPU optimized BVH implementations. It’s quite surprising that it would be 6x slower, even a BVH2 would not be that much slower than BVH8.

You could investigate why exactly it happens, since there’s really no good reason for this that I can think of and that can’t be fixed.

Maybe an example .blend where the problem happens could be useful, because it sounds like some kind of bug or limitation.

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Something is fishy with my setup. After moving back to the old version, the performance still sucks. I’ll try to figure it out and then possibly share the cause of the messup. Sorry for the possible noise.

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