Mipmaps or Nearest Filtering option


I understand it seems kind of pointless to preserve that option nowadays, but there is still people doing pixel texture art out there, including myself.

Perhaps for the sake of uncluttering, instead of the mipmaps option, we could have integrated filtering options into a single “Filtering” menu which would group Anisotropic modes as well as Bilinear, Trilinear and Nearest filtering…?


I definetly agree with you! I’m a new blender user and have literally spent all day trying to figure out how to create pixel art on my 3D models but still can’t seam to figure it out! Whenever I paint my texture even if it’s one pixel, the edges are always super blurry. I’m using 2.8, either I’m doing something wrong or it’s way too difficult. Also a square brush would be really nice as I’m trying to create graphics like this.

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Just to be sure I understand what you mean:
What you want is the texture painting overlay to show your textures with nearest filtering.

I say that because we already support nearest filtering in eevee.

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Yep, we can set “closest” filter on on the texture node and can view it on eevee, but not while in texture paint mode… Although I would rather have a single option to filter everything in the viewport, I would be happy if just the node’s “closest” filtering option worked on texture paint mode.

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