Measureit addon: Annotations can't be deleted

Hi there, it is my first post on this page; I am not a coder but use Blender for 7 years and start an anatomy atlas based on the open-source files created by a japanese organism.

The addon ‘Measureit’ proposes an annotation tool that adds a kind of label in object mode. These labels can not be deleted and do not appear in the list.

It would be interested to use this function to be able to show/hide a definition of my object, especially if there was one or two text edition feature (fit into a rectangle).

Another improvement would be to be able to re-order the labels, and group them/// Actually the ideal for me would be to have them within the outliner.

Thank you for your great job

Any drawing or text added by Measureit addon corresponds to a custom property attached to an object.

Most of time, that is the active object. Except for annotations, that are newly created empties to support custom property independently of active mesh.
So, you just have to select corresponding empty to see the annotation appearing in Items subpanel of the addon.
Then, you can hide or delete annotation from this panel. It is leaving an annotation empty.
Simplest way to deal with them is to hide and delete corresponding empty.
To manage them in outliner.

But you are right. If their settings are inside Measure Panel : that is harder to manage them as a group.
Because this panel shows different things according to selection. And user is forced to modify selection for each individual change.

So, to sum-up, you are requesting ability to add as many annotations as wanted to only one unique empty.

IMHO here is wrong place to do one feature request or one bug report. You are Off Topic on Blender devtalk