Meaningful tooltips on node sockets

Hello all!

Being a relatively new Blender user, I noticed, that the tooltips on input node sockets are sometimes less than helpful (“Input value used for unconnected socket.”). I think, the tooltip is a good opportunity to tell a less experienced user a bit more detail about the input socket at hand.

Before running off coding, I would therefore like to check if this is something worthwhile pursuing and if so, where the documenting tooltip text should live, especially for C nodes whose input sockets are defined via struct bNodeSocketTemplate, which is marked ‘deprecated’…

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Along the same line something to look into might be that pressing F1 while hoovering over a node only rarely takes you to the corresponding node manual page (e.g. when hoovering over the first two fields in the principled bsdf); in most cases it will take you to the less helpful generic ‘node parts’ manual page.