Maya Style tool shelf and Quick Favorites Management

I would like to propose a Maya style tool shelf/manage Quick Favorites

updated image made a few tweaks


This is the sort of thing that could be added as an add-on to the 3d view, frankly, however it’s a solution looking for a problem since strictly speaking we don’t exactly have maya style tools or plugins that could register themselves in there.

Besides there is already the toolbar to the left, that basically fulfills essentially the same need.

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updated image to show how you would edit, reorder, delete and add separators


Cool, this is a better mockup IMO, makes it slightly clearer how this could work and be useful. :slight_smile:

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I support this. I used a new toolbar view from a fork (Bforartists) for a while now. It’s positionable wherever I want, very customizable (grouped sections) and instanceable. It is very helpful to just be able to mouseover an operator and click. No hotkey, no submenu navigations, no missing operators in the toolshelf, no hidden pie operators.


Hi, Draise.

This is an old discussion, but hopefully you still get my message as I’m looking to find a tool shelf solution for Blender and you had taken it successfully from Blender for Artists.

How did you do it as I’d like to do same? I’m not so much interested to install the full BfA software, as otherwise sticking with the standard version. I’m currently using 2.81.

Nice to see that you like it. You will need to be able to compile Blender and also splice and merge in all the icons from Bforartists (+1000 new ones). Then you can find the relevant toolbar UI code. So far there is one UI py file that includes the actual bar a few other changes through the UI to add the editor toggles. It is… A bit laborous. You may need to install BFA then investigate which and what scripts files are used… Then copy and link then compile with them.

I would highly recommend you install BFA or even use a devbuild (just to look at the code). Or even download the repository from it’s github and splice from there. Latest release is 2.83 and we are already devoloping in 2.9. you can then configure and switch the hotkeys to blender and it would work the same with same compatibility and general stability as Blender. The other route to splice is a bit long… I wish I could help more but I’m not the lead dev who did the toolbar, but if you need anything else say hello!

Thanks for the info Draise.

Compiling Blender myself shouldn’t be problem, but then I’d need to compile also for each new Blender version. So, unfortunately doesn’t sound like to be best way for me. I will see if going to try BfA, as basically interested about it, but just only need the extra tool shelf for my needs. Depends a bit if all my addons and shortcuts work directly with BfA just like currently with standard Blender. I guess need just to test it out. Shortcuts and pie menus are fine for most operations, but always visible panel in UI is just easier for some tools and should be an option for users that prefer to have that. And tool shelf should have possibility to just drag few lines of Python code to create simple buttons by the user when needed for repetitive tasks.