Maximum / Minimum / Median SPP instead of average SPP


The final result of each pixel is the average of SPP (samples per pixel),
I would like to get the maximum / minimum / median of them instead for different goals, is there an option to do it in the current blender version?

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There exists no option for this in Cycles.

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surprising, it sounds very easy task to implement and might
be very useful for some goals.
Thanks for reply.

Where can I suggest adding this feature?
Alternatively, I can try to figure it out and see how to add it, though
I don’t have so much experience with Cycles yet,
Any suggestions of where to begin?
(I.e where is the averaging of the spp occurrs?)

For feature requests in general see:

As far how to implement it, the main code that adds together samples is in kernel_write_passes.h. Note it uses atomics for GPU rendering, min / max atomics should be possible to implement too.

I’m not sure computing a median is going to work without using a lot of memory, maybe some approximation is possible?

If this would be proposed as a native feature for Cycles and exposed in the Blender UI, there would need to be some motivation and design for it. Some renderers have these kinds of options for AOVs, which would be fairly easy to fit in, for something like the combined pass it’s less obvious.

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