Mark Seam / Clear Seam out of the Edges menu? What's next... Mark Sharp to Normals menu?

Sorry for being so direct, but after the removal of the crosshair from the normal selection mode, now in 2.90 that Mark/remove seams are out of the Edges menu and located under the UV’s menu… why?!

I don’t understand two things:

1.- Why are these changes, that seems to be so random, are not being at least “tested” in a theoretical mockup with the users?

This is absurd, we work with edges to mark seams, having to go to the UV’s menu makes no sense, put it in the UV menu if you want, but don’t remove them from where they should be, the edges menus, because you don’t mark UV’s, you mark edges as Seams, not UV’s, now if we want to avoid duplication, then remove them from the UV’s menu, because this is an Edge related tool, not a UV related tool.

2.- Why are these changes not being published in the Meeting Notes?

This UI changes seem to be commited without barely any notice, and then we find the surprise when we go to work, why are they not being published in the meeting notes?

Sincerely the latest changes in UI seem a bit random, I may be wrong, I hope to be wrong, but they made no sense for any seasoned artist that work with Blender on a daily basis, at least is my perception when I comment them with other colleagues and artists.


It went in without “design task/review/approval/commit” process? :eyes:

No idea… but it’s not in the meeting notes from this week, and neither in the past week notes.

This does not make sense. This seems like a bug or an oversight.

I hope so, it’s super weird… but the crosshair change wasn’t either in the meetings notes AFAIK, and it’s also a super weird change, I don’t understand why these changes are not being at least properly presented and communicated at least in the meetings.

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Sorry guys, but it seems it was on purpose. :coffin:

I don’t agree with this change tho. I think they should just rename those to something like “Mark UV Seam / Clear UV Seam”, to make it more clear.

The commit: rBfc62a3366c32

On one hand I understand reasons: deduplication and making them appear in same menus for both 3d view / uv editor which is good for new users.

But this ignores old users who use shortcuts. I think most people who do a lot of unwrapping prefer Ctrl+E menu to U menu because it’s closer and don’t require much hand movement. Just try to add ten seams in row with U menu to your model and notice how much hand movement is needed because of panning with Shift.

Hell, uv editor even mirrors 3d view menu by inventing special menu just for seams to be placed under Ctrl+E:


I don’t agree with the idea of that it is good for new users, because of two reasons:

1.- New users still don’t know what a seam is, and they will learn where the tool is located, no matter if it’s in two menus or in one menu, and the reasons behind.

2.- It makes it look like it’s something exclusively related to UV work, when seams are just edge marks, they are related to edge work, for example for sewing springs in Cloth, so it’s not exclusive of UV’s.

If we need de-duplication, IMHO they have to disappear from the UV’s menu, not from the edges menu :slight_smile:


Cleaning duplicates is NOT EQUAL to facilitate work. For example, in the application for color correction (Davinci) there are more than 5 different ways to copy nodes from one shot to another. All of these methods do the same thing, but different methods come in handy in different work processes.
Also here: there should be an opportunity to continue working regardless of the production process. But the developers are trying to reduce everything to one single (in their opinion - the right) solution. Which ultimately leads to a narrowing of the audience.


There’s a misconception in all this. It’s not to deduplicate the problem, to begin with because it was not a problem for anyone to have these menu entries twice. In fact, yesterday reading the topic I discovered that this was already in the UV menu and I didn’t even know it.

The problem is that it has been removed from where it makes sense, which is in the edges menu. Seams are an EDGE value, not a UV value, UVs are something else, they work with edge seams, but in the same way bevel works with edge bevel weight and you don’t create a bevel menu for these elements because it doesn’t make sense.

But still, if someone said that you only have to be in one place, for cleaning… what does it do in the UV menu that must be one of the most populated blender menus?

We are a little tired of the idealism of the UI team that imposes a set of dogmatic rules of interface design on a software without making sense in the workflow.


This change has been reverted.


Thanks @pablovazquez :slight_smile:


This reminds me of Edge Split now being in Mesh>Split>Faces by Edges

I used to do that through Edges Menu and then it disappeared. I’m open to change but Edge Split was a really amazing name that confuses anyone less than “Faces by Edges”.

LOL “Faces by Edges” is really off. They need to find a better name for it.

This thread can be closed now since the problem is solved?

Yes, I think so, this should be closed :slight_smile: