Mantaflow water simulation for scientific research

I’m doing a scientific research about the water simulation in Blender. Therefore I am building a water treatment plant in technical sizes (2x0.7x0.5m). I am wondering now, if it is possible to set the income volume flow to a fixed size in l/s or m³/h not full dependent on the size of my mesh object? I have already done some hours of research but could’t find an answer. I also tried to adjust the size of my emmiter mesh, to the size I need, by try and error, but I dont like this method, because I depends on the resolution of the domain. Does anyone have already experience with that kind of problem or have solution? The same question refers to a throttle discharge or an elimination field with fixed with a given discharge volume?
Btw, I know the disclaimer mantaflow should not be used for this kind of workaround, but since i have not found any scientific papers on mantaflow and my question, i would like to find out if there are any application fields that can replace or complement CFL in some cases :slight_smile: