Mantaflow issues

I spent some time testing mantaflow dynamics with 2.82a and found some issues that maybe could be improved…?

1- Fire n Smoke Domain SIZE has a huge impact on small real scale objects like candle n lighter flames (say 20cm long objects with even shortest flame sizes…).
The problem is that small size domains need a lot of tricks to recreate small flames and without proper results (Blackbody emission set to 100 instead of 1. No smooth realistic flames etc…)

2- Developers already know that temperature units are not set yet (celsius kelvin farenheid) and using Principled Volume parameters with real physics becomes tricky…

3- Cpu calculation speed could be improved? Maybe cpu + gpu?

4- Cache data could be improved to select the one you need and be linked to main scenes you want without having to make them local?

Just my thinking
Thanks for your great work with this amazing Blender

I would add:

Baking seems really unstable right now.

I often have the case when in a session of work, two equivalent bakes will have a significant difference in process time and resource usage, and gets worse the longer you work on a scene and I have to reboot the entire system to get everything back.
I.E. right now I’m working on a scene, tweaking things, making lots of bakes. At the beginning it was a few dozens of seconds for a hundred frames while being able to do other things at the same time, now it freezes the entire computer, takes all my ram, and hardly does 1 or 2% in minutes.

Command line baking

Especially when you want to run a final-render-quality baking, even more for a heavy scene.
If command line baking was available, you could just have a damn terminal do everything, no time wasted on opening large scenes, no resources taken on display the UI nor the scenes, batch processing becomes possible, and so on.

Sometimes it just stops working

It just happens, sometimes, you open a file and your sim doesn’t show up. You bake again, still nothing. Or it happens in the middle of your work, it just stops showing up.
Then you think you might have messed something so you try going back in your actions history or in your files, you try different parameters, never succeeds. Until somehow it shows up again and you can’t say why.
Might be a bug, but how can you report an unpredictable and non-reproducible bug?