Mantaflow adaptive domain issue

I ran into problems with the adaptive domain. Since I cannot input a value below 0.01 into the adaptive domain threshold, the smoke simulation gets clipped off by the adaptive domain. I would need to enter a lower value.
What should I do?

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There is another value that is important for adaptive domain, and that’s the margin.

What’s your margin value?

You can always increase the margin to avoid clipping.

The margin value doesn’t work for many cases. For example if you have an explosion with ground interaction, these thin strains of smoke reaching to the ground get clipped. Since this distance can be as large as the hole domain I would have to enter giant numbers into the margin value. That would increase simulation time drastically. I think there is also a max value of 20.

But if the distance those thin strands have to cover is as big as the whole domain you need the adaptive domain to cover the full domain, there is no other way of avoiding clipping.

If you can share an example .blend where the clipping happens, I’ll try to take a look and tell you something more concrete :slight_smile: