Manipulator for changing the size and position of the image

When you move cursor over an image, a manipulator always display to change the size and position.

When there are other objects in front of the image, this manipulator interferes.
Also, location and scale locks do not work for this manipulator.

I suggest disable this manipulator or create Edit Mode for image where it will display.

These image manipulators do not affect the object’s location or scale, as you can easily see. They change the parameters Offset and Scale for Image/Empty.

You can lock selectivity for Empty in the Visibility menu (to the left of the Gizmo and Overlays options).

I need to be able to select an image, but without this manipulator, so as not to accidentally change the size.

It also gets in the way when you use Gizmo on small images:
Image manipulator small

We need to be able to disable this manipulator, when you don’t need it.

It’s actually here: Viewport Gizmos > Empty > Image.

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Thank you, this is what I need.