Making theme creation easier/less daunting

Currently, theme creation is rather daunting, with hundreds of colors, none of which are linked- making it frustrating to make a unified theme. While it allows fine control, it is also frustrating. There should be an easier theme creation UI with proper grouping, while giving advanced control as an option after creating the basics of a scene. There should also be a preview UI instead of simply applying it to the whole blender window, forcing the user to tab back and forth. The UI in KDE’s color chooser is an example of what I am thinking of:

It has easy groupings, if you chance ‘Window Background’ it changes all backgrounds colors, and you can then go into tabs and diverge from that grouping if you choose. I have refrained from making themes, as there are MANY different background color options, just within the first drop down.
This is clearly a problem that many people want to fix, as shown by the creation of addons that fulfill this demand, such as ‘Easy Theme Creator’: Something like this would be ideal to implement into Blender to make theme creation easier, as currently, there are barely any themes, as the creation of a theme is such a massive undertaking, an undertaking which, due to the way themes are set up, can be easily wiped out with miss-clicks. I feel a renovation of the theme creator, which has not changed drastically for some time, is in order.