Make material local?

hello , is there a way to make a linked material (of a linked object ) local witouth losing the linked data ?

like this :

i jus want to replace materials of a linked blend file witouth losing my multi soft workflow

my mini failed pipeline: ( 1) importing architecture obj meshes with lots and lots of assets , and lots of multi users materials , into a master blend file , 2) link the concerned assets into a main blend file for easy updated data (because theres no way to just update an imported meshes witouth losing all the material for somes reasons? no, you have to delete and reimport , then loosing every material work?..) 3) replace all the material there ,place props, camera , light, do the render , 4) if an architect modify the base obj import , i can re import it into the main blend and just hit render , nothing else , BUT im stuck at the replace material step…)

its been a week im drowning with this problem , didnt find anyone that can resolve my problem , can someone help me ?

This isn’t a question about development, ask this on