Make it easier to see what has been added just for the daily build the user is downloading

On the release notes web page it’s only possible to view all additions since the last official build (2.80). It would be handy if there was a dropdown where you could choose to show all additions, but also if you could select a date to filter out just the changes made in the daily build released that day.

It’s difficult to remember if the daily build you already have contains the feature/bug fix that interests you on the list.

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New feature additions are mentioned into dev meeting report.

By reading them, you should have a clue.
On a day to day basis, you can read git commits logs.

Commit logs are giving a piece of information that is pertinent for a developer but not meaningful for a user.
So, reader of commit logs have to triage them.

Unless developers introduce a tag system for new feature commit and respect it and never forget it ; that process can not be automated and would require work from a human.

And this would be only a solution for new features.
No robot or human can tag some bugfixes as interesting and others as uninteresting.

There is no poll made, each time, somebody makes a bugreport.
Something negligeable to a user may be very important to another one.
Simply, because they are not doing same work and using same part of software.

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Yep, I’d like to know about all bug fixes on a daily basis, otherwise it’s difficult to know which are of interest to me. I’ll check out those sources though thanks.

The commit history should give you a detailed view of what the developers are working on.

Perfect, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thinking about it, it would be really cool if had a simple text box under download button which would list recent changes, as a sort of changelog. By that I mean some script which would automatically parse all the names of the commit tasks and show them as a list, delimited by individual build dates (let’s say 5 recent builds or so) :slight_smile: