Make Field Weights available for Rigid Bodies?

In Blender, Particles, Soft Bodies, Cloth and Fluids have a “Fields Weight” option where the influence of force fields on the simulation can be controlled (and even be constrained to a collection of force fields):

However that is missing for rigid bodies. In Blender 2.79b a workaround was to place force fields on different layers thus constraining them automatically because the influence of a force field was limited to the layer it was on:


But since this no longer the case (force fields are always acting globally now) I wonder whether it would be a good idea to add the field weights setting to rigid bodies as well?

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For Info, you have same panel for rigid bodies under Scene Tab.
It was already as is in 2.79.

It is true that removing layers and introducing view layers is not really helping with rigid bodies simulation.
You can set different elements of rigid body world into several collections and don’t display them all into different view layers.
Simulation will always look coherent to displayed view layer. So baked simulation will be relative to active object of displayed view layer.
So in practice, you can set rigid bodies on one view layer and bake to keyframes some of those, switch to another view layer with a force fields, bake to keyframes and obtain a result with some objects influenced by force field and other that are not in a third view layer.
But they can not interact because their movement has not been simulated at same time.

Collisions groups were simply renamed Collections but are still layer bits as in 2.79.
It is probably planned to change those buttons by a collection name.
At that moment, restoring 2.79 behavior for force fields inside same kind of force fields collection in a similar panel would be satisfying.

That is exactly what I need.

I also think that restoring the old force field behavior in collections would solve this problem.


I also need to use force fields with rigid bodies… Any workaround for this?

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Another user who could really use this feature. Trying to build a simulation that allows certain objects to be pulled out of a set of other objects (eg magnetic sorting). Being able to add field weights to individual objects or collections would make this really easy, but as things are I seem to be stuck.

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Same problem here. I would like to use rigid bodys with individual force fields. To use Softbody is possible but not really a solution. If it’s would be possible to say the softbody dosen’t calculate any deformations on the object could also fix the problem.