Make CTRL+Y default hotkey for Redo action

Since Blender 2.8 is aiming for user friendlieness and most Windows users know that CTRL+Z is the general hotkey for undo actions and CTRL+Y is the general hotkey for redo actions in Windows programs, this should also apply to Blender.

I remember my first times in Blender several years ago, when I was undoing stuff but I pressed CTRL+Z too much and wanted to redo some actions but i couldn’t figure out how to redo something in Blender. I had to google it…

Both CTRL+SHIFT+Z and CTRL+Y are common redo shortcuts.

Personally I do feel that if a program supports only one of the two shortcuts, the other one shouldn’t do anything. Performing some action while thinking you’re going to Redo can throw away a lot of work.

I don’t recall any known Windows program that uses CTRL+SHIFT+Z exclusively instead of CTRL+Y for redo action.

I don’t know how it is on other operating systems because I use Windows only.
The fact that Blender is delivered for Linux and Mac makes it even more reasonable to fit the hotkeys to the operating systems default.

If Blender wants to become user friendly and flatten the steap learning curve, it is the best if Blender uses the hotkeys everyone is used to.

In Windows:
CTRL+A Select Everything
CTRL+X Cut Selected
CTRL+C Copy Selected
CTRL+V Paste Selected
CTRL+F Search
And so on…

Ctrl+shift+Z is ok, Photoshop uses it and so do other more complex programs. Idk what does Ctrl+Y at the moment but in illustrator is a toggle (wireframe mode) which is nice because if you press it again it reverts to the previous state

Please let’s not do that. Blender should behave as similarly as possible on different platforms. The last thing we should want is to have different platform-specific shortcuts. Can you imagine what would happen to manuals, or tutorial videos (“press X if you’re on Windows, but Y when you’re on Linux”, or worse just say which button to press without mentioning the platform because they don’t know things are different on different platforms)? Or to people’s muscle memory when they switch between using, say, Windows on their desktop and Linux on their laptop?

I’m so used to using CTRL + Y that do not disturb me have both shortcuts, so Y is an nasty shortcut, it’s not used at all … except for redoundo.

currently ctrl + y starts me automatically, while to do ctrl + shift + z first I have to make a shortuct mistake, then I have to think that I have to press the correct shortcut :grin:

and to better analyze, my brain cracks. between ctrl + z and ctrl + shift + z … I get confused