Make Bump node in Eevee fast again!

Hey. I wanted to thank all of the amazing devs, working on my favorite software, that I am using on a daily basis. My humble request is to return to the way the Bump node worked in version 2.8. It was instant, lighting-fast. Right now, I am trying to compose a PBR shader and Blender holds well with even several node groups stacked together. Normals look just fine too. But when I plug the Bump node to add some extra bump - Eevee starts to freeze and GPU hits the peak of 100%. It is happening in Blender 2.81 and higher because of the change to its rendering algorithm, which was supposed to speed up Bump node calculations. But in fact - now it’s killing all the process for me and I cannot roll back to 2.80 because some other node are incompatible.
So if that change is not huge amount of work - I think lots of people would appreciate that 2.8 way instead of the current glitchy one.

Thank you so much in any case. You do fantastic work.