Major Boolean Modifier Upgrade : Use as boolean object a whole collection

I like this, is quite clear. Can we just turn those enumerators into button operators? (and tell nobody…)

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One way to clarify that is to separate them so the rows aren’t aligned (the buttons don’t connect).

There should be no active highlight if they are operators too. With those changes this image seems reasonable, at least to me.

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Your idea about putting it in the outliner might not be a bad idea. It could then be used for more than just the modifier.


I think that those vertex groups A B and C are all vertex groups not faces. faces are hilighted but also vertexes are visible so this is vertex selection only. There is no face groups and line groups in blender curently.

Yes, you are describing the state in devanshutak’s picture, I agree. I was responding with what I think the ideal answer would be, which would assume the addition of edge and face groups (there is something like face groups now, but it is kind of hidden and not much used yet).

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This is great. Much more general, and like you say, useful elsewhere.
It should be clear that it’s not an override and it’s just setting the display type though.
“Display” -> “Set Display Type”

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I remember seeing this in the GSoC thread as well.

This boolean modifier upgrade sounds great. I look forward to the day when not only boolean, but all modifiers will work on entire collections.

After I posted that, I changed it to “Viewport Display” to match object properties. Should the label have “Set” in it? I would think the description would tell it sets it and not a override.

I think yes, just because it’s nice to be extra clear since there are cases where collection settings override object settings.

One benefit is that you can hopefully reuse the same RNA enum items from the original display type property, that way the descriptions don’t have to be duplicated and this would support any changes to that enum without extra work. (I say this but I would actually have to double check… I think it’s true).


What about text as new Operand Type?

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There are lots of ways that mesh modifiers could be made more convenient by working with other kinds of objects - text, curve, surface, metaball, volume. Not just Boolean, but all the modifiers that take other meshes as an operand. These could be future enhancements. I think it is too late to be thinking of such new features for 2.91.

And, as usual, I think that addressing these kind of things by Everything Nodes is likely to lead to a cleaner model for the user.

Yeah, it’s to late for 2.91. I remember somebody on Blender Artist asking for this. Now that we have the Operand Type setting ,that would allow for more object types and add a lot more to boolean modifier. Would have to figure out how collection would work.

Curve with another object following it.

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Cool! From a UI perspective though I think these conversions should be done automatically. The object selector should include more types of objects and they should be converted to mesh on demand. I would think that improvement could happen for more modifiers at once, not just for boolean.

Agreed. Since “Object” already encompasses Text and many other types, there should be no need for a UI change here. Just a generalization of the code we have in the boolean modifier.

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Easy: coders unite! Let’s have a “Convert To Mesh” modifier!

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In the long run, what with everything nodes, a convert to mesh node would be ideal! I have always wanted that!

Yeah, this was just a quick test to see if it would even work.

Got more types available in the “object” setting.

Probably wouldn’t want to allow metaballs. Looks like the modifier only works with the main(first) metaball.

Second metaball

First metaball

Hey guys, I’m brand new to devtalk but I just came across this post and am fist pumping the air right now at the thought of being able to use collections as boole objects. Please include this in the next release!

I come from the world of Cinema 4D and using grouped objects as a single boole object is standard. This is on my shortlist of things I miss the most since switching to Blender.

Anyway, that’s my two cents, thanks for all your hard work!

It will be in 2.91, due out early November.

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