Mac side o Grease Pencil

Hey Artists Programmers
I’m a Portuguese professor and an artistish sculptor man, a MacBook pro 2017 user I’m actively trying the Alfa 2.8 as a beginner in Blender, the community send me here to state any suggestions… i Love the new things .
And i found grease pencil great for school but on my mac is not working. Maybe is my graphics card AMD Radeon 555
The glitch is like flickering so Susane get leg-ed and gets stuck on the wall
Also, i have suggestions for the overall:
the Ui should have turn wheel not a pie menu it makes the view easier.
As sculpture man, i would like to have a lever gage, when you sculpt in real life, and the hard surface you make marks of a level is sensibility thing on the thumbs wrist and tools.
Also a rail simulation, like trains and sliding stuff XD so it can do what fusion 360 cant do.