LPE in cycles? How or When

Hi guys, i am not able to find from where i can add LPE in blender cycles(you know Light Path Expressions) . So I can avoid re-rendering for me different key fill rim lights. I believe technical since AOV & OSL shaders are there so there should be some way to just call those commands inside blender. It may be hibernating down somewhere. So my question is, is it something a non coder can do it? If so, can anyone help me? I desperately need an LPE guys. And if not can anyone tell me by when it’ll be launch in cycles?

Thanks in advance.


Please check out this thread:

I have seen this link. But how to add these expressions in blender cycles?

Dont’t LPEs describe successive ray types ? As in “first diffuse bounce then refraction ray” or some other combination ? I don’t think there’s such possibility in Cycles atm, only light path node (like ray switch in Arnold).

The feature is just not there yet, you’ll have to wait until a developer implements them. There is no specific timeline for that.

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go to the thread and post your questions there . @c2ba is working on it in his free time (as far as I know). but here is no official timeline for this

Yep sorry for not giving any news on that, I managed to unlock a few friday afternoon to work on it but not enough to report significant advancement. However with the COVID home assignment in France I might allocate more time to it in the next weeks.


Take care bro. God’s almighty! Blender is a community. Every contribution matters and later it becomes a vital part of a development. All you guys carry unique roles & skillsets. Take your time bro. Take care peoples. B’regards & wishes to all blender communities & contributors who ever reaches till here, reading this message. Be healthy, be safe.

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