Look Dev For Cycles?

The Look Dev mode for Cycles uses Eevee. There’s too big of a difference between Cycles and Eevee to make accurate Cycles materials.

I think a Look Dev mode for Cycles that uses Cycles could be quite useful. You could bring back the material mode for Cycles using Eevee and give the Look Dev modes a new icon, perhaps something like a half glossy half white shader-ball icon.

What do you think?

Additionally :
In Look Dev mode it’s a bit cumbersome to switch back and forth between different environments (key feature of Look Dev), and it would be nice to rotate, adjust the HDR on the fly and show 3 Shader balls : one for the active material, the glossy and the white diffuse (this order makes more sense than what I have in the pictures but I’m too lazy to fix it).

A floating panel like the last-action editor

Options collapsed

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Good Ideas! Although I’d rather make it a checkbox for the Look Def Mode to use Cycles than creating a new Mode.
Maybe something like “Use Scene Render Engine”. it could then also be exposed for external renderengines in the API.

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