Local View - visual indication

At present, the fact of Local View activation is signaled only by a small sign in the upper left corner of the 3D View Editor. This feature is quite important and should be much better visualized. For example, by dimming the rest of the model in the Viewport and dimming objects outside the Local View in Outliner.
Thanks to this, objects would be separated from other elements of the scene, but would remain in the context of the whole. Transparency should be controlled via Viewport Overlays within a range of - lets say 75% ~ 100% - so that one can set transparency = 100% and get better responsiveness for complex scenes.

Standard view of all elements in the scene:

Local View now:

Improoved Local View proposal:


Yes! and make it configurable via transparency slider or something… Changing the viewport background slightly also works.

It’s more easy to put some clear indication, like icons or something in the corners, not make the rest of scene transparent because a lot of users use local view to reduce load for the graphic card.

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That’s why it must be it should be possible to turn this off. There’re load of scenarios, when more distinct separation of edited item is welcome while the rest of scene is somehow visible. It’s all about the context of separated part of a scene - right now we can have visible all or just the chosen part. Deffinitely not optimal.