List of things I'll miss in 2.8

  • Have you tried to make a retopology? Can’t! The new workbench engine has a way more precise depth test that prevents you from seeing the retopologized surface(always slightly behind the high poly mesh).
    Here is a simple attempt to make a retopology on 2.8?
  • These options dont work: image

  • Have you ever tried to work with background references? Anoying! those image planes stay there when I exit ortho mode.

  • have you ever tryed to model somehing?

I suppose there are specific tasks and options the dev team is not thinking about enough:

  • Retopology
  • Sculpting
  • Hard Surface modeling
  • Selecting objects behind another objects
  • Per object viewing options
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Yes, me too :smiley: I cant model because I don’t have functional UI replacing old shortcuts. There are bugs and many features are missing.
But this is not a final version. Many things are going to change (at least I HOPE so).