Linking Problem - Windows 10 - VS2019 Pro - OSLEXEC.LIB

Both non debug and debug versions od oslexec.lib shows the same message when linking with OSL ON on windows .
Seems PUGI and/or OPENIMAGEIO were not linked in build.
I checkout the binaries from SVN repository:

“H:\blender-git\build\Cycles.sln” (destino padrão) (1) →
“H:\blender-git\build\ALL_BUILD.vcxproj.metaproj” (destino padrão) (2) →
“H:\blender-git\build\src\app\cycles.vcxproj.metaproj” (destino padrão) (4) →
“H:\blender-git\build\src\app\cycles.vcxproj” (destino padrão) (27) →
(Link destino) →
oslexec_d.lib(dictionary.obj) : error LNK2019: símbolo externo indefinido "public: char const * __cdecl pugi::xml_attribute::name(void)const " (?name xml_attribute@pugi@@QEBAPEBDXZ) refere
nciado na função “public: int __cdecl OSL_v1_10::pvt::Dictionary::dict_value(int,class OpenImageIO_v1_8::ustring,struct OpenImageIO_v1_8::TypeDesc,void *)” (?dict_value@Dictionary pvt OSL_v1
_10 QEAAHHVustring OpenImageIO_v1_8 UTypeDesc 5 PEAX Z) [H:\blender-git\build\src\app\cycles.vcxproj] …
I removed the “@”. Seems the editor always assume is a reference to an user.
Was build using :
msbuild cycles.sln (debug version)
msbuild /p:Configuration=Release Cycles.sln (release version)

Problem solved.
The OSL has several linking problems on Windows .
I could solve the linking problems .
The error is not related to Cycles.