Linking of one character several times into .blender scene


my question is about linking one “asset” … .blend scene into actual blender scene several times.
Is this possible? I was not able to figure out how to do it with making the “asset”(in this case full setup character) fully functional.
The thing is that I can link the character several times into my current scene I want BUT I am not able to unlock its functionality for animating/posing of each character.
I am using method with collections and proxies but without any acceptable result.

My structure is very simple:

Main_Collection_Character, it contains three collections:

1. Geometry_Collection -> visible/selectable by default,
2. RIG_Collection -> hidden by default - visible and unlocked during making it proxy
3. Utility_Collection -> just for bone handle shape geometries, etc. … hidden/unselectable

Is it possible to “publish” individually the RIG_Collection for each character in the blender scene to work with its influenced geometry even it is “just” one character linked several times?