Linked items not obvious unless you know what to look for


Something here is linked, but what?


You can’t see it unless you know what to look for:


Also, I’m fairly sure I linked an entire object, and not mesh data, but that isn’t obvious at all.


Linked things should always appear at the top level:


Additionally, selecting the linked object should reveal a linked panel with easily accessible information and options for re-linking/unlinking/etc:

EDIT: So apparently, I did accidentally link a mesh instead of the entire object, because when you link an entire object you can’t bloody move it for some ungodly reason, so I still think the above suggestion is valid, except with the following critical addition to the panel…


EDIT 2: The above workaround seems to not work anymore? I guess that’s a whole different topic then, because dear lord… well, I just turned this into another topic nobody will care about, didn’t I?

EDIT 3: Wooooow… linked collections are linked by name, and not some internal ID?


The above link broke because I changed the name in the original file! (At least that has a clear icon…)


Ok, can a developer explain to me:

  • Why does a linked collection automatically get an empty to enable transforms, but not linked objects?
  • Why can I see the camera in a linked collection, but not toggle the camera view?
  • I see “Unlink” in the right-click context menu, but not “Make Local”, and even if I go to the Object menu (although I selected a Collection), and choose Relations - Make Local - All, nothing happens. I hope I’m missing something, but what?

All the rest of my above comments/suggestions also seem to apply to linked collections, it turns out.

I don’t get it… does USD support collections? FBX/OBJ sure doesn’t. Again, it seems like Blender just inherited one of the worst aspects of 3D Studio Max when it comes to moving files between different software packages…

EDIT: Oh. My. God. Ok, anyone, take a guess which collection below is linked, and which is appended…



Yeah, having linked objects made obvious in the outliner it’s a missing feature we really need

+1 the way to handle linked objects it’s still quite confusing as well as how to make things local.
Also, you can link a camera from the mesh categories but also from the Object category!?!

And to update linked content is not straightforward either. You can’t do it from View Layer, you need to switch to Blender File. Once in there, you have to scroll to the blend file (which it showed with the entire path, good luck with that), roll down the group, find among the items the one that interests you (I know you can press period on the numeric keyboard, but still what a journey!), and then reload o make local.

And right now that I’m doing a test as I write, I can’t even reload some of the objects I just linked, only categories but not single meshes.

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Big sigh:

Sorry for off-topic: Just a PSA - don’t blur or pixelate text to make it unreadable.
Always completely black out to remove info.
Even mosaic effects in that degree can be reverse-engineered if necessary.

Sorry for the interruption. Carry on. :smiley:

Just joining the discussion to agree that this is very valid and like already mentioned linked objects relocate/reload should be possible to do without switching to Blender File menu. Personally I use most of my assets in render scenes as linked objects (actually collections) and need to constantly switch back and forth from outliner to load updated linked assets.

Otherwise linking works very well.

Updated the OP with another really depressing discovery when it came to linking stuff… :frowning: