Line Art + Geo Nodes?

Would it be possible, or wanted, to be able to output specific geometry from a GeoNodes instance to be processed via line art modifier. So maybe a vertex group index selector?

It would be very useful to create complex scenes with line art! With all the randomization power of geo nodes plus line art.

This way if one makes a geo nodes instance that contains multiple objects, that require different line art settings it can be easily filtered.

Hi @TinyNick, is this a feature request or are you asking because you’re interested in development for related topics? I ask because this website isn’t meant for feature requests, like it says in the header, and it’s not totally clear from your post.

@HooglyBoogly My apologies. This is a feature request. I will put it in the right place, I misread! I will put this on Right-Click Select — Blender Community

You can add lineart from the geometry nodes but you cannot control it on a by vertex basis so I assume thats a feature request? But I am actually not 100% sure if its a totally new feature request but this is not a bug report.

I dont see an option for me to archive this post.

No worries! Hopefully eventually a system like line art can exist in geometry nodes. For now, writing to a vertex group is probably the best method for controlling the resulting strokes.

Does that mean i could use vertex groups to control where the strokes appear or how thick they are? I saw this in the manual but didnt understand how to implement it. I appreciate ur response.

Line Art Modifier — Blender Manual.

Oh, I think I was wrong, it just transfers the vertex weight to the result, so I guess that’s not implemented.

Line art and grease pencil will need some upgrades to deal with generic attributes I suppose.

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Makes sense, if this is irrelevant lets archive this post to keep everything tidy, I really see a lot of potential for line art and geo nodes for making cities and complex drawings, if I could control what gets lines via vertex groups.

As its not in blender yet this definitely falls under feature requests i think.

I think this is entirely possible… Just maybe until gpencil has its own geometry node modifier, or maybe some new nodes in existing gn graph can be enough, that way it can give line art information as how to select objects and so and so.