Limit Selection + X-Ray. I can't work with " this "

So. I tried to work in 2.8. Sorry guys - I tried. I really tried ,but I can’t work in “such Blender”. I work 99.99% of time with “unlimited selection”. Such perspectives to work all the time in constant x-ray mode for everything - it feels like absolute 100% crap. I don’t see for myself any ways to using 2.8 until this thing will be reworked.

I have to ask to separate Limited Selection and X-Ray. Don’t guess me wrong - X-Ray maybe is a cool feature. But why this two things merged together in this way?

Is here anyone from devs staff who can give any answers about future of this thing or if some rework is already planed - when can we expect to see results?

If you open Viewport Shading popover and set X-ray slider to 1 for Solid mode, you should obtain same result as in 2.79.

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OMG!!! … It work - thank you so much.

Maybe it would be better to set this slider to 1 by default to avoid same frustration for other users.

In beta, it was set to 0.5 for both modes Solid display and Wireframe display.
It was correctly set it to 0 for Wireframe mode in 2.80. But it looks like they wanted to demonstrate that X-ray could affect the whole scene, now.
New feature is more discoverable for animators but more confusing for modelers.

I don’t know which one is perfect default for most of users.
As long as manual, tutorials and people sharing tips are guiding users to Overlays and Shading popovers, I think it is OK.