Light Linking

Having a great time learning how to utilize Eevee and making things in Blender 2.8. It really is much more intuitive than 2.7x. The results look great.

One large roadblock I’ve encountered the the absence of light linking. Upon further research it appears this has been a limitation of blender for many years. I’m surprised, since it’s such a useful feature for a large variety of applications. I have several small projects I’ve been working on that use volumetrics that require a large amount of light to illuminate, or point lights inside of them. With no way to isolate that system from the rest of the scene it has halted progress indefinitely. Other renderers have this feature, or workarounds (Renderman, Arnold, Octane etc) so I am forced to migrate.

It seems for a long time light linking has been brought up and ignored. Maybe it’s too difficult to implement into the engine, who knows. I’m just here to suggest that it’s absence is a very limiting factor and I would consider coming back to Eevee if it were implemented. Since Eevee is different to cycles the feature should be revisited. Thanks for reading.

It’s on the cycles roadmap, and seems to be being developed by tangent animation studios. When it will come out, I have no idea, but at the very least it is on its way.

2.80 is the first released version of Eevee so I’m not sure what you mean by

Upon further research it appears this has been a limitation of blender for many years.

Unless you’re speaking about cycles … in that case the comment above answer that

the Tangent studio sulotion for light linking is dead, there is a new implantation ,but there is no timeline.I think it’s too hard to achieve for cycles’s architecture. otherwise there is no reason for the absence for such a long time.