Left click select keymap

So many people bring this up. Meanwhile my proposal on right click select sits with 0 votes. Up from -2 from yesterday, so it’s trending up. I think this would be absolutely amazing. What if while the menu tool was active, you could control click on the header of any menu and have THAT on the right click. It would be so good, and unique I think. I think others don’t agree, but this would end the whole debate on left vs right click for good.

Admittedly, it would be weird to have menus assigned to both clicks or some other tool that has no selection capability, but this is minor.

I’m going to sell the entire blender community on this…eventually. Right now I’m too busy.

I’m really sick of you jerks coming on here and calling anyone who disagrees with you an amateur or novice or hobbyist. Get over your ego. I’ve been working 8-16 hours a day in blender for a full year. There are many more like me who also like the way that 2.8 is shaping up. Your argument holds no water so maybe you should drop it.

When someone say that those of us who are annoyed are crazy complainers, that we shouldn’t be heard and that we should shut up. I don’t read you criticizing him.

My arguments hold perfectly, and when they don’t, argue with me.

it have 0 vote cause of bad title and bad presentation

With some nice title; nice gif and images it could be at the top !

Also it’s a complex problem that most user are not informed about

I changed it. Now I’m at -1 vote.

If there are no mesh objects in the scene, right click does nothing. Open blender>delete cube>right click>nothing happens.

It would be nice if the add menu popped up in these situations. But anything to indicate that a click has happened is better than nothing happening at all.


I always got this guys on my right click menu…


Very handy, since I hate Shift + A… :slight_smile:


It feels so odd opening a menu with a mouse button.

Lol… What you mean? This is literally how every software works, including OSes…
And now that we have native right click context menus in Blender, it makes no sense not to have those options there by default.

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How do you put the add menu on the RMB context menu? Me wants it!!

What I could, say, it feels odd to me, I generally press the context button in the keyboard to activate this menu in other softwares.

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@JulianPerez I hacked some python files for that…

You can find those files in the following path inside blender’s folder…

Once I found the right section, I added those little commands (the ones inside the box)

Here for the object context menu

And here on the other file for the node editor…

You can do the same for several other modes as well if you wish…


Thanks! I think I’ll finally have to learn python… :cold_sweat:


@JulianPerez go ahead, python is the easiest language to learn.

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Tell me what do you think about that for Box and circle select, please.

Twitter link to see the video.


i posted my idea to resolve this left click / right click / active tool / context menu mess once and for all in the right click select website

Does anyone have an idea that can move the 3D cursor with gizmos? Right now, rotating the 3D cursor is like,

  1. press Shift+RMB
  2. drag your cursor and let go of the Shift
  3. press R amd rotate it

which is kind of impossible to notice in a while.

Hi, in maniphest here: https://developer.blender.org/T54963 is orbit/pan/zoom marked as DONE in term it should be behave like : Alt+LMB/ Alt+MMB/ Alt+RMB. But its not. Is this something what is not implemented yet? or its going to be behave in a way how is now in beta bulds?

That’s a key map that isn’t yet included in the beta release because there is still a thing or two to finish.

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is this me or anyone facing this weird drag selection bug

I just checked and I do not have that issue Johnsyed… Maybe delete your blender prefs? I got into the habit of deleting the prefs everytime I download a new 2.8 release… so basically once or twice a day :smiley: