Language versions in release notes


Bear with me if I am not experienced enough to get to the right forum. I just wanted to make a simple suggestion: to include developments in the translations of the UI to various languages in the release notes. I thought of it because I just completed the Catalan version; but I saw no comments about it in the release notes. Many Catalan users may not expect it and keep on using the English version.




Hi, thanks for bringing this up.
Translation updates are neither mentioned in wiki release notes: Reference/Release Notes/3.6 - Blender Developer Wiki

cc @pablovazquez , @mont29

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It’s definitely a good idea! Developers and translators are welcome to add improvements related to translations to the User Interface section of the Release Notes.

These notes are usually updated by the contributors themselves right after a (relevant) commit is done, pointing to that commit. Not all changes must be written there, only those with higher impact to the users.